Music is the canvas through which I create sound that resonates with me, with the hope of uplifting and uniting others.

Born and raised in Toronto, Neky has been spinning for over 15 years. From a young age, Neky recognized his love for music and developed an appreciation for the impact it can have on people all around the world – the universal language we all speak.  Inspired by this, Neky chased this passion, eventually turning it into a career that has allowed him to play his music for the masses.

Casually experimenting with a friend’s turntables, Neky learned of his rare talent when he discovered his natural ability to ‘hear’ music, allowing him to create unique combinations and mixes. His first set of turntables was a gift from a close friend as a gesture to encourage him to pursue his talent whole-heartedly; After that, he never looked back. He quickly gained recognition in the industry playing hundreds of parties, corporate events, and weddings.  In 2016, Neky moved to Vancouver and established himself as an artist and DJ with his unique sounds and vast musical range.

Gratitude is a must.

Neky supports the work of charitable and non-profit organizations, leveraging his music to raise awareness, build unity, and give back - this is integral to who he is not only as a DJ, but as an engaged member of society. He has supported a number of great causes including support for Women experiencing domestic violence, people suffering from mental health and addictions, areas of the world inflicted with poverty and those hit with natural disasters.

  • A Woman’s Worth – Vancouver General Hospital Foundation
  • World Partnership Walk
  • 519 Group